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    “For anyone wanting to take advantage of the huge variety of opportunities in the quickly-growing mobile app industry, AppeBee™ is the place to be. You can sell your own apps, become an app promoter for developers (and earn up to 75% commissions!), or use AppeBee™ to promote your business through in-app ads. We are the ultimate solution for Android apps.”

  • App Sellers

    “Finally, you have access to an app platform that offers you an easy and flexible way to list your app and expose it to thousands of “hungry” and eager affiliate promoters. Their incentives are entirely up to you - you can set commissions for sales of your app, or when you are if free - allow them to share in ad revenue for in-app ads or pay them per installs. The marketplace does the rest.”

  • App Affiliates

    “AppeBee™ offers affiliate marketers a comprehensive platform for generating revenue that includes exclusive promotional tools like One Click Promotion, which allows you to promote through a huge variety of channels with a single click. Affiliates can also earn commissions from promoting paid apps or free apps through our unique Ad Revenue Sharing program.”

  • App Developers and Business Owners

    “AppeBee™ offers an advanced advertising system that enables you to promote your app, your business or other peoples’ apps. If you’re a developer, load up an app to our Marketplace and affiliates will start generating buzz right away. If you’re a business owner, you can advertise on AppeBee™’s site or through free apps that are downloaded from our Marketplace.”

  • App Buyers

    “AppeBee™ offers app buyers a huge Marketplace with loads of great apps to choose from, and purchasing with PayPal or your credit card is super-simple and secure. Once you’ve enjoyed your app, you can also promote it easily to your friends and earn commissions! At AppeBee™, you get paid to play games. How great is that?”

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